Be Inspired... Jarrod Suda ’12 – Grateful for his MHS teachers

The teachers who sacrificed their time and dedicated their efforts to nurture their students have my deepest thanks. They ought to be proud of the fact that they have made lasting imprints on young minds. For the years to come, whether in college, graduate school, or the work force, my classmates and I will remember the teachers who guided our learning experience. Maranatha is rich with these people.
I am particularly grateful for one Maranatha teacher who captivated me with science and also instructed me as the Drum Line coach. He not only encouraged me to apply for an internship to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but also became a role model of talent. I was not only accepted as a JPL intern, but he taught me to act with passion and professionalism.



…by Cleonie Harrison, Spanish Faculty – Seeking the heart of God

One of the things I love about the Maranatha community is the relationship I have with my co-workers. These relationships extend beyond the classroom and touch my life in areas that help me to grow and become a better servant for the Kingdom of God and this school. A very tangible example is the weekly staff devotions we have. Through these devotions, I have personally heard the heart and voice of God through the willing vessels of His children, my colleagues. I have experienced encouragement, strength, and repentance through the messages given in those staff devotions over the five years I have been here at MHS. This is an experience I don’t believe I would have in other environments and because of this, Maranatha is more than an academic institution, it is a family of caring believers who continuously seek out the heart of God.  







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