Current PVP Opportunities

Maranatha parents can serve an important role in the life of our school while also earning Parent Volunteer Program (PVP) hours.  Throughout the year, the school needs volunteers to assist with events ranging from ticket takers at sporting events and theater performances, to assisting office staff with mailers or assisting with major events.  Visit SignUp Genius (below) for current opportunities and needs.  Additionally, parents can earn PVP hours by purchasing Scrip and eScrip, attending designated meetings at MHS, providing in-kind donations, and participating in car pooling.


START HERE: Sign up directly for many of the Parent Association's volunteer hour opportunities using the SignUp Genius portal by clicking HERE.


PVP - Parent Volunteer Program

The PVP (Parent Volunteer Program) booklets are due on March 14, 2014. Please be aware that the PVP fee will begin appearing on statements in April. However, you still have until the last day of school (May 23, 2014) to turn in your completed PVP booklets to get the fee reversed.


For any PVP questions, please contact Lisa Netz at




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