Parent Volunteer Program (PVP)

WHAT IS The Goal?

The goal of the PARENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM (PVP) is to cultivate a spirit of community in which each school family actively participates and supports the life and development of MHS. The program serves as a positive example to our students of active involvement in our school and community.

What is involved?

All school families (including single parent homes) are required to support the school by giving a minimum of 20 hours of service during the school year. There are many opportunities to fulfill these PVP hours, working both inside and outside of the home. Check the “PVP Opportunities” tab frequently as new and on-going opportunities are regularly updated. It is the parent’s opportunity to fulfill the full 20 volunteer hours by the stated deadline.

How is the program administered?

The program is administered under the auspices of our Parent Association (P.A.). Before the start of school, each family will turn in a signed S.O.S. Contract (on SmartTuition) and be given a PVP coupon book to record service hours completed through the year. Coupons must be approved and signed by the appropriate teacher, event chairperson or administrator. If a family has not completed the required 20 hours of service and returned the completed PVP coupon book by March 15, 2014, they will be charged $500 on their April 2014 billing statement. Families who complete their PVP hours between March 16, 2014 and May 23, 2014 and return their coupon book, will see their PVP charge reversed on their statement.

For questions regarding the PVP Program, please contact PVP Chair Lisa Netz,

    (1 semester = 5 service hours)



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