Student Life

Every year, new students comment on how welcomed they feel at Maranatha, and what a loving community this is. Maranatha faculty and staff are highly relational and involved in all areas of student life. Maranatha is a welcoming place, because we truly do love each other and want to know every student.

Maranatha recognizes the need for students to develop as whole persons. Because of this recognition, we purposefully offer a wide selection of opportunities and activities to allow students to connect, find their niche, and develop leadership skills. We strive to encourage the interpersonal growth of our students through student activities, clubs, and other social opportunities.

We also desire for each of our students to develop a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and a meaningful Christian worldview. Not only is faith integrated into every aspect of our curriculum, but Maranatha provides multiple extra and co-curricular opportunities to enhance their faith through all areas of living, leaning,and serving. Students attend weekly chapels on campus to celebrate Jesus through the diverse Christian community of Maranatha. Mentoring, retreats, missions trips, an dmultiple servive opportunities are also offered. We are also committed to seeing our students live out Christ's example of service to others. Service hours are meant to stretch the student and give them the opportunity to serve others with an attitude of grace and love.

Maranatha's Student Life
Department Staff
Dianna Fowler Director of Student Services   (626) 817-4090
Joel Murphy   Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministries     (626) 817-4092
Linda Gutierrez Attendance   (626) 817-4001
Tammy Horton Director of Security   (626) 817-4091



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