Standardized Testing

PLAN and PSAT Administration:

All MHS freshmen students will take the PLAN test on October 16, 2013. All sophomore and junior students will take the PSAT/NMSQT on this date as well. Results will be distributed by the Guidance and College Counseling Office.

SAT and ACT Exams:

MHS recommends that each student take both the SAT and the ACT (with writing) in the spring of their junior year. Based on the results, the student will be able to determine which test they are better suited for and prepare further for that test for the remainder of the spring and into the summer. In the fall, students should take this test a final time in preparation for college admissions. Specific registration and content information can be found on the following websites:

SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests:


Test dates for 2013-14 are as follows:

SAT Exam

ACT Exam

October 5, 2013

September 21, 2013

November 2, 2013

October 26, 2013

December 7, 2013

December 14, 2013

January 25, 2014

February 8, 2014

March 8, 2014

April 12, 2014

May 3, 2014

June 14, 2014

June 7, 2014




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