We Are Maranatha

My favorite thing at MHS has been ASB. I’ve always liked to work independently, but ASB has taught me how to become a team member and to trust other people to work together to accomplish a goal. Plus I’ve learned about leadership. I am also on the Softball Team and it has helped me to gain confidence in myself and has helped me build great relationships. Overall, the school is a family atmosphere. It’s been a great Christian experience and I have become a better person. I’ve developed terrific friendships too.

- Amber Banks '11

The best thing that makes Maranatha different from other schools is first, the class size, and second, how much the teachers invest in you personally. Teachers are willing to help you before class or after class. They really get to know you and the different ways that you learn. They are eager to get to know each and every student and their background. One teacher I had catered to everyone’s different learning abilities by changing the way we learned every month. One month it was lectures, one month we took notes, one month we watched video lectures she had pre-recorded, and sometimes we worked with our table groups. She mixed things up so that everyone had a different experience in how they learned best.

- Emma Fisher '12

I came to Maranatha High School from a public school because I wanted a better education. I knew that Maranatha would be totally different with the smaller classes and the Christian atmosphere. When I entered Maranatha in my freshman year, it was easy to make friends and to connect with my teachers.

- Andrew Garcia '11


The school has a great campus. Some reasons I love MHS are how easy it is to build great relationships, you can get closer to God here, and the school prepares us for life.

- Jordan Hackett '14


I like the diversity of people at Maranatha and all the different activities that are offered. I especially enjoy the opportunity of going on missions trips to different countries. The missions trips have been life changing experiences for me and have made me appreciate all that I have.

- Allie Hovsepian ’12


I enjoy having my teachers support me and encourage me. They are always willing to answer my questions. I am in Honors and AP Classes and because my classes are challenging, they have helped me grow as a person and become aware of world issues.

- Evelyn Kwong ’11


I have wanted to go to Maranatha since I set foot on campus in the 4th grade. I applied for Early Admissions because there was no other high school for me. The summer before my freshman year, I jumped right into MHS Honors Biology in summer school and enjoyed the dissections we did.

- Emmaline Mauritson ’13


I’ve had a great experience at MHS. The faculty care about you and don’t want you to fail. If you’re struggling in a class, they give you examples of what you need to do to get better. They treat you with respect, like you’re an adult. MHS is also a great Christian environment and it’s just a beautiful campus…. I mean, come on, the school has a koi pond!

- Nick Popham ’11


It is the special relationships that I have with my teachers that I like. I am able to connect with them and I appreciate their mentoring. I also like the opportunity to go on missions trips at Maranatha. I feel that the missions trips are what set Maranatha High School apart from other high schools.

- Melieck Robinson ’12


Maranatha has surpassed my expectations! I have been very impressed with the academics. The teachers are very enthusiastic about what they teach. MHS is a well-rounded school, offering a great combination of everything like academics, athletics, arts, etc.

- Brian Sacripanti ’11


I love the Swim Team--we are like one big family. The coach has really taught me a lot. The older students don’t look down on the younger ones…they coach and cheer us on. Performing in the plays has helped me become less shy. This school puts on the most professional performances I have ever seen. Being part of such a professional program has helped me grow and given me opportunity I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

- Kristiane Stubbs ’13

My older sister went here and now I am excited to go to Maranatha because the people are so friendly. Maranatha is exciting because there are so many ways to get involved. All the activities make it easier to get to know people.

- Seon Tadesse ’11



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